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Turkey or Tamales?

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Last week we incorporated a Christmas celebration into our mid-week Bible study; this, of course, included food. Guadalupe handed me a plate of tamales, saying, "These are for you and Hermana Edith." I eagerly took the plate of tamales knowing they were delicious.

For some Americans, the traditional Christmas fare includes turkey, but in the Hispanic culture, tamales are a popular Christmas food.  As odd as that may sound for some, there is nothing like a delicious tamale coming right out of the steamer to make you feel warm all over. 

Our native culture has a lot to do with how we celebrate festive occasions.  But, whether turkey or tamales, the common denominator in our Christmas celebrations is that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, who came to offer His life to save humanity.

Having experienced cross-cultural living for fifty-four years of my life, I realize that we often associate festive events with specific decorations, foods, seasons of the year, etc.  At Christmas time, however, we must remember that it is not snow-covered ground or a well-set table with turkey and all the trimmings that defines our celebration; rather, it is the birth of Christ that makes this such a special occasion. 

As Edi and I are enjoying this time of fellowship with people from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and the USA, the common ground we all

Edi and I want to thank you for your partnership with us as we engage in cross-cultural ministry.  May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  And, if you get a chance, enjoy some tamales this Christmas!

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have is that the promised Messiah is the Lord and Savior of our diverse group.

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