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Twenty Years Later - God is Still Working

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Twenty-three-year-old Francisco Gongora was my host last month in Paterson, New Jersey while I ministered at Madison Avenue Baptist Church. Francisco's parents, Marco and Sara, were in the Dominican Republic that week on a mission trip.

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Five years ago, my good friend Greg Rummo invited Francisco to go on a Bible distribution trip to the Huascaran area of Peru. While I stayed at the Gongora house last month, Francisco excitedly shared with me that he is going on his fifth consecutive Bible distribution trip this year.

This Bible distribution ministry was started twenty years ago when Phil Winfield was a resident missionary in Peru. Phil told me about the Huascaran area and the great need for sharing the Word of God in this mountainous region. That same year, I took a group of twenty-five men to assist Phil in distributing the Word of God that had been translated into Quechua to the Quechua-speaking indigenous population of Peru.

Greg Rummo accompanied me on that first trip and became very passionate about this ministry. He takes teams to Peru year after year to continue the distribution of Bibles.

Last month as I talked with Francisco about his life and future plans, he informed me that he is in college majoring in Computer Science. His goal is to use his skills and knowledge in the field of computers to aid in Bible translation!

When taking that first group of men to Peru to distribute Bibles twenty years ago, one of my goals was to expose young men in Bible college to needs and opportunities in missions.

What I didn't know was that a young boy, who was only three years old at that time, would later become a yearly participant in this ministry and catch the vision -- not just a vision of giving out Bibles in the Quechua language, but also the vision of aiding in Bible translation to other languages and dialects that are still waiting for the Scriptures to be translated in their tongue.

It is thrilling to see how God uses a seed, planted twenty years ago, to continue to bear fruit.

I am also thrilled that you, our prayer and financial partners, are part of this ongoing ministry of sharing God's Word. Thank you for your involvement in our lives and work.

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