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Update from Roy & Edi Seals

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The Scene in the Park.

The last week of May, I stood back and observed the interaction between two youngsters at a park in Campeche, Mexico. The boy nicknamed "Chino" was mercilessly needling "Chelito" who had been scarred by chicken pox. Chelito was ashamed of his looks, and Chino would not let up. Xmona, a young Mayan girl, was trying to be peacemaker between the two boys.

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Watching the drama.

After several minutes of observing these young people, Doña Dulce, an older lady wearing a "huipil," (the typical dress worn by Mayan women) stepped into the scene and began to gently persuade Chino to lay off his bullying tactics against Chelito. It didn't take long for her conversation to reveal that she was a believer as she shared God's Word with these kids.

All of a sudden an older gentleman, dressed in the typical "guayabera" that is commonly worn on the Yucatán Peninsula, came into the picture. Don Chucho had seen Chino harass Chelito and observed as Xmona tried be peacemaker. But what really got his attention was the testimony from God's Word that Doña Dulce shared. Don Chucho joined the conversation and revealed that he was a struggling alcoholic. Minutes later Don Chucho and the boys trusted Christ as Savior.

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Preparing bags of candy for the children.

Over the last several years I have watched Chino, Chelito, Xmona, Doña Dulce and Don Chucho go through this same scenario time and time again.

They are puppets that are used by our Puppet Ministry team with Project Yucatán. Dr. Moreno, a member of the church in Merida, skillfully wrote the script for this powerful story in which social issues pertinent to life in Yucatán are addressed as well as a clear delivery of the Gospel given.

For years I have watched as hundreds of people gather in villages all across Yucatán to watch this program. I will often speak after the puppet program and share the Gospel as we then invite people to come to Christ. Many children and adults have given their lives to Christ as a result of this puppet program.

Last month we traveled to Campeche to partner with a church in an evangelistic outreach. After the program, various church members showed interest in having puppets so that they could duplicate the puppet ministry.

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Making wordless bracelets.

Next month I am going back to Yucatán. On that trip we will be partnering with a second church in Campeche that wants to use the puppet ministry in their evangelistic outreach.

Each of these puppets cost $49. I need to take a minimum of 10 to Campeche to give to these churches. Would you pray about sponsoring one or more of these puppets?

You can have an important part in helping this ministry expand so that many others can be reached with the gospel.

Your prayers and partnership with us in ministry enable us to continue this evangelistic effort. Thank you for all you do for us.


Project Yucatan Puppet Ministry Expansion

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Your gift for the expansion of the Project Yucatán Puppet Ministry can be sent to:

Global Faith Mission Agency
PO Box 3326
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Please designate your gift:
Project Yucatán Puppet Ministry


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