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What is that in your hand?

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Exodus 4:2 poses the simple yet profound question that God asked Moses: "What is that in your hand?" Moses was now 40 years removed from the time when he had lived in the palace of Pharaoh with all that it had to offer. Once a proud prince, now, a simple shepherd in the wilderness, with nothing but a shepherd's staff in his hand, he learned it was precisely what he needed as he began this new journey with a God-given task. 

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David and Sarah Booth ministering to both the hearing and deaf churches they have planted in Portugal.

Just a few short weeks ago, shutdowns began to affect each of us as well as most countries around the world. In the ministry setting, we all faced the challenge of how we would continue to minister. Most of us already had the answer in our hands: technology. Like Moses' staff, technology immediately became a valuable tool for outreach and preaching God's Word. 

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Dan and Carmen Rogers meeting with their Bible study group.

In just a few hours, cellphones, tablets, laptops, PC's, internet, software, etc. became more critical than ever for ministries. 

Rogers Seals 2

Rada accepted Christ when Dan Rogers shared the Gospel with her via a video conference.

For the last several weeks the following has been happening within our ministry and that of Global Faith missionaries. Here are just a few of the ways missionaries continue to minister during this time:

  • I have preached in rooms with no other people present, yet audiences in many different countries have heard the preaching and teaching of God's Word. 
  • My mid-week Bible studies go far beyond the brick and mortar walls in which I usually teach.
  • Edi has ministered daily to missionary wives and church members by use of email & texting. 
  • In Merida, Manuel Verde is sharing the Gospel over multiple technology platforms. 
  • Claudio and Noemi Gimenez in Buenos Aires use technology to minister to their church. 
  • David Booth in Lisbon, Portugal ministers to both of his church plants. Sarah, his wife, skillfully interprets the message into sign language for the benefit of the deaf church. Laura, their daughter, participates in the Bible reading of the worship services.
  • Victor Segura teaches his seminary courses using technology in Mexico City.
  • Jason Wollbrink reports that their ministry in Cieneguilla, Peru, is reaching hundreds of people by way of technology. 
  • Dan Rogers has had the privilege of leading people to Christ through the use of technology during this time of social distancing.
  • Marc and Charin Patton in Hungary are reaching out to their church plants each week via technology.

Patton Seals 1

Marc Patton ministering to multiple church plants in Hungary.

Thank you for standing behind us during these challenging times. Our prayer is that God will meet your needs and bless you as you have stood by us who are ministering cross-culturally.

Roy & Edi Seals


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