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When Churches Cooperate - Part 1

when churches cooperate part 1

During the last week of July twenty-two members of Mt Pisgah Baptist Church in Easley, South Carolina accompanied me to Yucatan for another ministry expedition. This is the third consecutive year that Mt Pisgah members have ministered in Yucatan.

On this trip Mt Pisgah served along with:
• Iglesia Bautista Escuela Para la Vida
• Iglesia Bautista El Camino de la Verdad
• Iglesia Bautista Peniel
• Three other new church plants

Seals Sept 18 1

Strategy Session for National Pastors.

Our ministry activities included:

• Helping conducting a Vacation Bible School
• Cooperating in 4 open air evangelistic events
• Meeting with 10 national pastors for a ministry strategy session
• Engaging in the distribution of thousands of pieces of gospel literature
• Taking hundreds of dollars of supplies for evangelistic events
• Taking hundreds of dollars of commentaries, books, and other supplies for pastors

Seals Sept 18 2

Children ministry workers at El Camino de la Verdad sorting donated items for ministry events. 

The result of this cooperative effort was two-fold:

1. The US church actively engaged in fulfilling the Great Commission, and were further educated regarding the needs and opportunities of foreign missions.
2. The national churches benefited from this cooperative effort and were encouraged by others networking with them in evangelistic outreach and in church work.

Seals Sept 18 3

USA teen learning Spanish.
Yucatecan kids learning English.
Growing in the Lord together.

Thank you for praying and giving to our ministry. Together we continue to engage in the work of global missions.

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