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5 Benefits of a Missions Month

I love missions. In fact, if I wasn’t a Senior Pastor I would want to be a Missions Pastor whose job was to visit and encourage missionaries, educate church members about missions, write about missions, and help churches pursue a more biblical missions program. As a result of my passion for missions, I am always looking for ways to improve missions in our local church. I have read a lot about this, researched this, and even wrote my doctoral project on this topic.

This has led to our church changing to a missions month instead of a week-long missions conference or even several missions Sundays scattered throughout the year.

Here are a few benefits we have seen.

1- A missions month provides time for an extended focus on missions

The truth is that one week isn’t enough. One week out of 52 is not sufficient enough time to focus on missions. The church needs a more extended focus on this vital part of God’s plan. A missions month provides an opportunity for that extended focus.

2- A missions month gives everyone multiple opportunities to hear about missions

I don’t know how it is in your church, but the chances of everyone being there on the week that you focus on missions is probably slim. This means that some families in the church may go a year or two without hearing about or being challenged with the message of missions. A missions month almost guarantees that everyone in your church will be presented with missions multiple times. This can’t be anything but good.

3- A missions month provides opportunity to have a different focus each week

I have been in a number of one-week missions conferences that have had a singular focus. This is not necessarily bad, but having a missions month gives the flexibility to have a different focus each Sunday of the month. For instance, each week could focus on a different aspect of Acts 1:8 or a different part of the world. Having a different focus each week, encourages church members with different aspects of missions.

4- A missions month gives more time to do creative things

In a one-week or three-day conference time is limited. This means that opportunities to be creative are also limited. Having a missions month provides more of an opportunity to think outside of the box and do things a little differently.

5- A missions month gives time for the message of missions to sink in through the avenue of multiple speakers

Typically, there is only one speaker in a three-day or one-week conference. The focus of that speaker, however good it is, is what will be driven home in that conference. Having a missions month allows the opportunity to have a different speaker each week. For instance, in our missions month we have a different speaker each week. Our members will hear about missions and outreach from several different perspectives, and we think that is a good thing.

A missions month might not be for you, but it can provide some benefits that are worth considering. Give it some thought. You might just find that a missions month is exactly what your church needs.

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