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Choices Chattanooga and Global Faith Make a Great Team

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Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” This applies to individuals, churches, and even non-profits like Choices Chattanooga and Global Faith Mission Agency. God is pleased when these organizations partner in their work to share the gospel and help people. Choices Chattanooga has been around for 35 years and Global Faith Mission Agency was started 16 years ago. Choices seeks to help women choose life and support them in that choice. But all along the way, they are sharing the gospel. Global Faith assists missionaries as they help people and share the gospel locally and across the world.

Roy Seals, the director of Global Faith, helps translate for Choices’ Spanish-speaking clients. Roy grew up on the mission field and has been speaking Spanish for 55 years. He said assisting Choices in this way builds rapport with their Spanish-speaking clients. “They’re going to trust someone who can speak fluently and appreciate and understand the cultural nuances,” Roy said. Choices Development Director, Cristina Barber, said throughout the pandemic the number of Spanish-speaking clients has increased. “To be able to communicate in their own language is huge, and means more than we realize. We’re meeting them where they’re at and it shows that we care,” Cristina said.

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Choices began in 1985 as AAA Women’s Services. It’s served 45,000 women since then. Their services include free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. The number of clients they have served increased in the early months of the pandemic because the health department stopped conducting pregnancy tests for a time. Choices also seeks to help women during and after their pregnancies by offering parenting classes. Their “Earn While You Learn” program educates new parents and offers a way to save up “baby bucks” to redeem for small things like clothes and diapers or large items like cribs. Choices also offers counseling for men and women to talk about their options, and post-abortion counseling services. If clients are interested in adoption, Choices can also help facilitate that next step through Bethany Christian Services or with a private attorney. In all this "the gospel is shared in word and deed."*

Sharing the gospel is the part of translating Roy loves the best. He uses Spanish to connect with people because he understands they can feel apprehensive when they’re not speaking their native language. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to help a young couple understand that God has a purpose in giving life,” Roy said. Global Faith has over 40 missionaries that spend their time helping people understand who God is and how their purpose is to serve Him. Often these missionaries help people by providing food, education, equipment for the disabled, or medical training.

On the surface it would appear these two non-profits have very little in common. But taking a closer look, you’ll see that these are both Christian organizations seeking to improve people’s lives for the glory of God. They do that by sharing the gospel and taking time to, as Christina said, “meet people where they’re at.” It also shows unity between these ministries as they each recognize they’re in the Great Commission together. The Psalmist calls that good and pleasant.

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