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Mourning the Loss of Jess Kerley

Jess Kerley

On January 6, 2021, Jess Kerley passed away as a result of illness.  Jess and Anne Kerley joined Global Faith in 2012 as Project Partners.  Their ministry consisted of providing equipment and supplies for missionary work and evangelistic ministries on the foreign field.

Kerley 2

Jess and Anne had a successful heat and air-conditioning business; Jess was also a licensed electrician.  Upon their acceptance as Project Partners with Global Faith, they traveled extensively to various ministries in the USA, donating their labor in electrical work and installing, repairing or maintaining HVAC equipment.

Jess Kerley in Peru

Jess raised a considerable amount of money each year to provide ministry supplies for missionaries worldwide.  He was particularly fond of making available digital Bibles that he obtained from In Touch Ministries.

In 2003, Jess and Anne traveled with us to Peru and became involved in the Bible distribution ministry in the Andes Mountains.  On this ministry expedition, he observed the successful use of the Jesus Film in field evangelism.  Seeing the effectiveness of this simple tool, he became involved in providing thousands of these DVD's to missionaries in various countries.

 Jess will always be remembered as a true and dedicated servant.  He was continually giving of his time and resources to help others.  Jess will be greatly missed!

Pray for Anne as she continues to serve in the role of a Project Partner with Global Faith.
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