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This is a running list of prayer requests straight from our missionaries at home and abroad. New requests are added each Friday.

The Terrys

Today’s #PrayerFocusFriday is for Matthew and Jennifer Terry and their three children, Julia, Nathan, and Charissa, who are serving the Lord in Liberia. Here are some ways for you to pray for them:

• Pray that Matt & Jennifer would have wisdom as they deal with difficult situations. Specifically as one man tries to create division among the believers in Bellimue. 
• Pray that God would soften the hearts of those the Terrys meet and that He would tear down the spiritual wickedness that clouds the hearts and minds of the people in Liberia.
• Pray for the Terry kids, that they would be strong in the faith as they grow up in Liberia.
• Pray for good health and spiritual and mental endurance for the Terrys as they share the Good News of God’s love with those around them.

We rejoice with the Terrys that they were able to renew their lease in Liberia! 

If you would like to financially support the Terry Family as they take the Gospel to Liberia, please visit there giving page here!

Our #PrayerFocus for this week features missionaries Van & Anna Ferguson, who are serving the Lord through college and young adult ministries in the Chattanooga area.

The Fergusons • Pray that God would give Van and Anna wisdom as they mentor and disciple college students and young adults; pray that the Fergusons would spur them towards Christ-likeness and that they would be spiritually encouraged themselves.
• Pray for Van & Anna as they raise and train their two sons to love, fear, and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Rejoice with them as they just recently celebrated the salvation and baptism of their youngest son, Gabriel. 

• Pray for the college students Van and Anna are discipling; pray that they would be strong in the faith and grow in their knowledge of God. According to a study by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons, “Only 6% of college professors said the Bible is ‘the actual word of God’. 51% described it as ‘an ancient book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts.’” Other studies have shown that large numbers of students leave the church after their freshman year in college. Thus, ministries like that of the Fergusons’ are vital to those in such an important, transitional time of life and need our prayer support!

Be sure to check out the Fergusons’ giving page if you are interested in financially supporting their ministry!

the wearsToday’s #PrayerFocusFriday is for missionaries David & Michelle Wears, who are taking the Gospel to Alcochete, Portugal. Be sure, also, to check out their website so you can keep up with the latest news!


  • Pray for safety for David and Michelle and their four children, Alaithia, Elijah, Karis, and Zoe, as they travel to different churches to share their ministry objectives and passion for taking the Good News to Portugal.
  • Pray for David as he awaits test results and doctors visits that will show whether or not he has the genetic heart disorder LQTS. (Read more in The Wears Family Update)
  • Pray for the country of Portugal, a nation deeply in need of the Gospel.
  • We rejoice that the Wears family have 60% of the monthly support they need. Pray that the Lord would provide the financial support and church partnerships that the Wears need to go to Portugal.

If you would like to support the Wears’ ministry, please visit their giving page!


The DanielsToday at Global Faith, we are praying for missionaries Josh and Melissa Daniel and their six children, Troy, Eli, Alec, Joshua, Liam & Lívia, who are taking the light of Christ to Brazil! Here are a few ways you can be in prayer for them:
 • Pray that God would provide the funds and supplies needed for the building project
 • Pray for the spiritual health and encouragement of the church in Barreiras
 • Pray for strength and perseverance for Josh & Melissa as they continue to share the Gospel and encourage fellow believers in Brazil 

 • Pray for a young church member who is facing resistance and hostility from fellow university students due to his Biblical beliefs and morals

 • Pray for the church treasurer in her early thirties who is currently recieving chemo treatments for breast cancer

If you would like to partner with the Daniel Family or help them raise funds for their church in Barreiras, please visit their giving pages!  Learn more about the Daniel's building project and the needs of their congregation by reading their latest update!

Today at Global Faith, we are praying for Daniel & Heather DeLand, missionaries to Perú, who are passionate about reaching many with the Gospel. #PrayerFocusFriday

The Delands • Pray for safety and good health for Daniel & Heather and their children. Pray especially for Heather as she is expecting baby number 3 in January.  
• Pray that the Lord would provide the DeLands with the financial partners they need as they are currently under-supported.
• Pray for Daniel & Heather as they work with a fellow missionary couple to reach the people in the mountain village of Ayavirí.
• Above all, Daniel & Heather request prayer that they would consistently find their identities in Christ and Him alone.
If you are interested in partnering financially with the DeLands, please take a look at their giving page!

Today’s #PrayerFocusFriday is for the Pruett Family, serving faithfully in Peru. Be sure to take a look at their Facebook page to see pictures and the latest updates! Here are a few specific prayer requests:The Pruetts
• Pray for the salvation of the people that Patrick and Teresa come in contact with regularly through ministry outreach.
• Pray for spiritual and physical strength.  Patrick continues to face some perplexing health issues that have made ministry difficult.  
• Pray that they would be able to find good children's ministry material and discipleship material in Spanish.  If you would like to take part in funding the Pruetts’ ministry, please give here!


Our #PrayerFocusFriday for this week is for Clifford & Mary Suddeth and their son Isaac, who are serving the Lord in Panama (be sure to check out their blog too)!

The Suddeths Here is how you can be praying for them:  

• Pray for continued ministry development. August 13 marks one year in Panama and the Lord has opened many doors of opportunity for Clip, Mary, and Isaac. 

• August 14-18 Clip will be joining fellow-missionary Russ Turner for a trip to Lajas Blancas to teach the Bible. Pray for safe travels and an encouraging time in the Word for the national students in attendance.

• Pray for genuine revival in Panamá.

• Pray for Mary and Isaac as they have begun homeschool

This #PrayerFocusFriday, join us in praying for Dan & Lucy Arce, who are taking the Gospel to Venezuela.

The Arces

See their website here

• Pray for the Arces and their church as they face the political turmoil currently going on in their country.  

• Pray for the physical health and safety of Dan, Lucy, and their kids Michael, Brian, and Andrew.

• Pray for spiritual encouragement as they faithfully witness to those in their community.


Today we are praying for Greg and Wendy Mann who shared some specific requests in their latest update. Read the full update here.

Greg Mann

• The ministry leaders in Guyana

• Workers for the harvest

• Changes that must take place in our church planting strategy


Today's #PrayerFocusFriday is for Marc and Charin Patton, who are serving the Lord in Esztergom, Hungary.  Be sure to check out their blog to keep up with the lastest updates!

the patton family

• Pray for the seven students attending the "New Converts" class at the Pattons' church in Esztergom, that they would gain a clear understanding of the Gospel and grow in their faith.

• Pray for Marc and Charin as they seek to minister to and disciple surrounding churches in the areas of evangelism and church planting.

• Pray for Marc as he has several opportunities to train and speak with different groups of pastors and church leaders over the summer.

• Pray for safe travels for the Pattons as they return to the states for almost 2 months this summer to visit family and supporting churches, and to get their daughter, Esther, settled in for her first year of college in Florida.

You can read the Pattons' full newletter for May 2017 here!


Today our #PrayerFocusFriday is Jason and Johana Wollbrink and their 4 children. Take a look at their Facebook page here:

The Wollbrinks• Pray for their physical and spiritual protection

• Pray for strength and health as they minister to their community and the members of Fuente de Vida

• Pray for the ongoing recovery in the country as thousands of families were affected by devastating flooding just a few weeks ago.  

• Pray for new Believers like Vilma to grow in their faith and become members of a church 


The Booth FamilyToday's #PrayerFocus features the Booth Family; here are some ways that you can pray for them:

• Pray for two unsaved men who do not attend church, but have agreed to study the Bible with David

• Pray for two children, Iara and Miguel, who were recently saved!  Pray that they will be allowed to come to church to learn and grow in their new faith

• Pray for Denise, a new Believer in the deaf ministry, to be a bold testimony to her unsaved husband and friends


the telman family

Please join us in praying for the Telman family as they serve the Lord in Uganda.  

• Pray for the family as they've each battled with Malaria recently.  Pray for physical strength and full recoveries. 

• Pray for Grace Christian School as they've been placed under new and expensive regulations by the Ugandan government.  Pray that God will provide the funding for the school as they have been operating under budget for some time.


"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." - Hebrews 13:3

persecuted church

Today's #PrayerFocusFriday is for those in the Body of Christ who are experiencing persecution for their faith. Here are some ways, as suggested by Voice of the Martyrs, that you can be praying for the Persecuted Church (see the full prayer guide here):

• Pray that they would fearlessly make Christ known.
• Pray that they will see God's grace as sufficient and God's power perfected in weakness.
• Pray that they will love Christ far more than life itself.
• Pray that they will love their enemies.
• Pray that they not enter into temptation -- an easy possibility under the stress of persecution.
• Pray that they will rejoice that they are considered worthy to suffer for HIS name.
• Pray that they will live the joy of the Lord before their persecutors.
• Pray that they will remember their unbelievable future glory.
• Pray that they would learn to more completely trust in God.
• Pray for their physical protection and deliverance.


23 Mathews Family

Our #PrayerFocusFriday this week is for missionaries Jamey & Kandi Mathews who have just returned to their ministry in Liberia after a furlough in the United States. Here are some ways you can be praying for them as they settle back into a routine on the field:

• Pray for physical strength and good health for Jamey and Kandi and their children, as they have been fighting various illnesses, infections, and injuries since returning to Liberia.
• Pray for Liberty Baptist Church in Liberia, as they have recently lost both their pastor and one of the founding deacons. Pray that the Mathews would have wisdom to know how to comfort and assist the church members and families who are grieving.
• Pray for boldness for Jamey and Kandi as they share the Gospel with those around them.
• Pray that the Lord would provide the financial support the Mathews need to cover extra expenses, such as car repairs, school materials, malaria medication, and batteries for their power system.  Also, pray that God would provide increased regular monthly support to compensate for the continuously rising cost of living in Liberia.

If you are interested in supporting the Mathews Family financially, please visit their giving page today!

13 Pardine

#PrayerFocusFriday -- This week at Global Faith, we are praying for missionaries Eric & Casandra Pardine and their children Joshua, Steven, Gabriela, and Judah. Here is a video update from Eric in which he mentions some ways you can be praying for them as they serve the Lord in Peru. . .


24 Webb Family

Our #PrayerFocusFriday for this week features missionaries John & Kelly Webb, who have been serving in the Dominican Republic since 1997, and are now transitioning back to the United States to serve in urban Hispanic ministry at Madison Avenue Baptist Church in Paterson, New Jersey.

• Pray that the Webbs’ transition back into life in the U.S. would go smoothly, especially for their children, Chloe, Camille, and Christian, who have grown up in the Dominican.
• Pray that God would soften the hearts of those in Paterson, New Jersey – one of the fastest growing Dominican American communities in the states – and that He would bring many new people to Iglesia Bautista Madison Avenue.
• Pray for wisdom for John and Kelly as they meet with the staff at Madison Avenue Baptist Church and strategize on how to begin their new ministry.
• Pray for spiritual strength and boldness for John and Kelly and their kids as they continue to carry out the Great Commission!

20 Denton

This week's #PrayerFocusFriday is for Global Faith Intern, Katy Denton, who has just arrived in Guyana and has recently begun taking classes at the University of Guyana. Here are some ways you can be praying for her:

• Pray for Katy and her friend Kristen (a fellow Global Faith Intern who is also attending the University of Guyana) as they settle into life in South America and adjust to going to school in another country.
• Pray that Katy and Kristen would find a church to attend while they are in Guyana, so that they can grow in their faith and be encouraged by other believers.
• Pray for spiritual and mental strength and a renewed trust in God as Katy looks ahead to her ministry in Guyana.
• Pray that the Lord would provide the financial support Katy needs to continue living in Guyana and ministering to those with whom she will come into contact every day--if you would like to personally take part in the Lord's provision for Katy, donate to her ministry here!


30 Turner

#PrayerFocusFriday -- this week we are praying for missionaries Russ & Lynn Turner, who have been reaching Latin American countries with the Gospel since 1978. Head over to their website or Facebook page for more stories, pictures, and updates!

• First off, some praises: Several people were saved in recent seminars that the Turners officiated in Rio Indio and Loma Coba, Panama, and the Bible students who attended are eagerly awaiting the next seminar in February of 2017!
• Pray for the Turners upcoming trip (October 20th through 31st) to Cumaribo, Columbia to teach pastors and leaders from the Guahibo tribe. This will be Russ & Lynn’s first time to minister in this area.
• Be praying for yet another trip to a new area (Miguel de la Borda, Panama) where the Turners will canoe to eight different remote villages to evangelize and disciple new believers. Pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of those in the villages and prepare them for the team’s arrival.
• Pray that the roof of the new church building in Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica would be completed soon!
• Pray for strength, safety, and spiritual encouragement for the Turners and their ministry partners as they travel.
You can also contribute to Russ & Lynn’s ministry to Latin America through their giving page!


25 LaRocca

This week’s #PrayerFocusFriday is for Nick LaRocca, one of Global Faith’s newest missionaries, who is raising support to go to Guyana. Here’s how you can be praying for him:

• Pray that the Lord would provide the financial support needed for Nick to begin his ministry in Guyana.
• Pray that he would remain focused on the Lord during this transition time.
• Pray that God would provide wisdom as Nick works with Missionary Greg Mann to develop a curriculum for training and equipping pastors in Guyana.
• Pray for Nick’s interactions with national pastors and with others -- that many would be reached with the Gospel -- and for wisdom as he seeks to start a house church once he arrives in Guyana.

To read more about Nick’s ministry, be sure to check out his blog! If you would like to financially support his ministry, please visit his giving page.

27 Stetson

#PrayerFocusFriday -- Today at Global Faith, we are praying for missionaries Paul & Glenda Stetson, who are serving the Lord faithfully in France. Here are some ways you can be praying for them:

• Please pray for France, which has seen two very recent terrorist attacks. Pray for the Stetsons’ safety and that they would have strength and boldness during these unsettling times.
• Pray for the refugees to France with whom Mr. Stetson has come into contact. Two men have accepted copies of the Gospel of John. Some of the refugees (or “people without a country”) seem to be open, and they appreciate signs of friendship.
• Pray for the future of a couple to whom the Stetsons are ministering—they are separated and have a young child. Pray for their visits to continue and that the couple will be encouraged towards Christ.
• Pray for Mr. Stetson, who, in September is to become a part of the church council in Metz, and as of January is to act as a co-pastor along with a Bible institute student. Pray, also, for Mrs. Stetson’s continuing ministry to women and children.
• Pray for the Lord’s provision of the financial support needed for the Stetsons to continue ministering to others and sharing the Gospel in France.

If you would like to give towards the Stetsons’ ministry, or towards the building fund for churches in France, please visit their giving page.


11 Todd

This week’s ‪#‎PrayerFocusFriday‬ is for missionaries Jeff & Bernadette Todd who are traveling to Bolivia for several weeks to share the Gospel! Here’s how you can be praying for them:

•Pray for safety and good health for Jeff and Bernadette while they are traveling.
•Pray that the Lord would strengthen Bernadette’s voice, as she shares her testimony in schools, universities, churches, and shelters.
•Pray for the children and workers at the Bolivian orphanages to which the Todds will deliver toys and share the love of Christ.
•Pray that the Holy Spirit would work mightily through Jeff and Bernadette's outreach efforts so that many people will come to know Him and experience eternal life.
You can join ‪#‎TeamBernadette‬ by partnering with them financially through Global Faith! Visit our website to make your donation!

36 The Gimenez Family

Today at Global Faith, we are praying for the ministry of Claudio & Noemi Gimenez, who are serving the Lord in Argentina (be sure to check out their church website and Facebook page!). Here are some ways you, too, can be praying for them:

• Pray for Noemi’s health -- she is suffering from vertigo and dizziness.
• Pray for two new couples -- the Barreriros and the Palaveccinos -- who are attending Claudio and Noemi’s church. Pray that they would be encouraged and grow in their knowledge of God.
• Pray that God will provide the finances needed for the Church to continue to lease the building where it has been meeting.
• Pray for the various ministries of the church: children’s ministry, youth ministry, married couples ministry, ladies ministry, Sunday School, and the discipleship program.

If you would like to give towards the Gimenezs’ ministry, please visit our giving page!

17 The Grenade Family

The #PrayerFocusFriday for this week features missionaries Pascal & Becky Grenade, who are serving the Lord faithfully on the Island of Mauritius. Here are some ways you can pray for them:
• Pray for Pascal as he travels to Madagascar this week to preach in several churches and may also have the opportunity to teach at a seminary there.
• Pray for the Grenades’ ministry to the neighborhood children (who enjoy playing street soccer with Pascal), that they would have many opportunities to share Christ’s love with the kids and with adult neighbors as well!
• Pray for the kids’ club that meets every Saturday morning at the Grenades’ church (check out our Facebook page to see a picture of the kids’ club singing a song about walking in the light of God!). Pray that the children attending would have hearts that are softened to the Gospel and that they would learn and grow in the truth of God’s Word!
You can help spread the Good News in Mauritius by giving toward the Grenades’ ministry here!


32 The Seals

 Today we are praying for the Seals and their ministries here in the States and abroad. Roy & Edi have served in the Global Faith home office since it was established while simultaneously overseeing mission work in Mexico. Here's how you can be praying for them:

• Pray for Project Yucatan for Christ. PYFC is a ministry that began in 1980 when Roy & Edi were resident missionaries in the Yucatan. Through PYFC the Seals have partnered with national workers to advance the gospel in Mexico. Pray for Roy as he meets with these national pastors and leads short-term missions teams to Mexico.
• Pray for Iglesia Bautista de Chattanooga. The Seals have the privilege of serving in a local Spanish-speaking church. Pray for Roy & Edi as they have the opportunity to counsel and disciple younger Believers.
• Pray that Roy would have discernment and vision as the director of Global Faith Mission Agency.


12 Kilpatrick

This week's #PrayerFocusFriday is for Global Faith Intern, Kristen Kilpatrick, who is currently raising funds to go the University of Guyana. Here are some ways you can be praying for her:
• Pray that Kristen would trust in the Lord's timing for when she and her friend Katy should attend the University of Guyana and launch the ministries that He has placed on their hearts.
• Pray that the Lord would provide the funds needed for Kristen to move to Guyana, attend the university, and minster to those with whom she will come into contact every day (If you would like to personally take part in the Lord's provision for Kristen, donate to her ministry here!)
• Pray for spiritual and mental strength and a renewed trust in God as she looks forward to taking the Gospel to Guyana!

 14 Trexler

The #PrayerFocusFriday for this week is for the ministry of Steve Trexler, who is teaching and sharing the Good News with those in Liberia. Here are some prayer requests he has shared with us:

• Pray for the students of Baptist College of Missionary Physician Assistants, where Mr. Trexler teaches, as they struggle to raise funds for their tuition in a post-war, post-epidemic country. Pray that God would provide the necessary finances and pray for patience and encouragement as the students wait on the Lord's provision. (If you would like to financially contribute to a student's education, please make your donation here! Be sure to include a note, "For Baptist College Student's Tuition.")

• Pray for physical and mental strength as Mr. Trexler continues to teach and minister to the students at Baptist College and as he shares the love of Christ with others.

• Pray for the safety of Mr. Trexler and the staff and students of Baptist College, as Liberia continues to recover from the hostility of civil war and is under much economic strain.

13 Pardine

This week's #PrayerFocusFriday is for the Pardine Family, serving the Lord in the Cuzco region of the Andes Mountains in Peru (check out their website here). Here are some specific ways you can be praying for them:

• Pray for their 2-year-old daughter, Gabriela, who is struggling with an eczema outbreak. Pray, also, that Eric & Casandra will discover what is causing the outbreak and that they will know how to comfort her.

• Pray for the upcoming elections in Peru on June 5th, as the political climate has been tense.

• Pray for the encouragement of the church leaders with whom Eric & Casandra are ministering.

• Pray for strength and spiritual endurance as the Pardines share the Good News with those around them.

10 Ittermann

Our #PrayerFocusFriday for this week is Dr. Loreen Ittermann and the national pastors and missionaries with whom she partners throughout several Eastern European countries. Here are the ways you can be praying for them:

• Pray for the national team members (for safety and boldness) as they enter sensitive areas to share the share the Gospel and encourage Christians and house churches.

• Pray for the national pastors and Christians in these areas who are facing real persecution.

• Pray for Dr. Ittermann that the Lord would give her the words to encourage the national team members as she communicates with and ministers to them.


7 Hanks Family

This week, our #PrayerFocusFriday is for Monte & Jenny Hanks, Project Partners with Global Faith who are currently serving in Brazil, providing aid to those with disabilities.

• Pray for the Hanks as they prepare for a large outreach with five other Americans and 20 volunteers from Salvador, Brazil.

• Keep them in your prayers next week as well, as they travel to Rio to take part in a Joni & Friends outreach program.

• Pray for focus for Monte and Jenny as they mentally and physically prepare to assist those with disabilities and share the love of Christ with them.

• Pray for the salvation of those attending the outreach efforts.

6 Kerley Family Card

Our #PrayerFocusFriday for April 29th highlights the ministry of Jess & Anne Kerley, Project Partners with Global Faith.

• Pray for the Kerleys as they minister at New Life Ranch in Colcord, Oklahoma (see what New Life Ranch is all about here: ).

• Pray for the other ministry projects the Kerleys are working on outside of New Life Ranch.

• Pray for Gary & Lena Steele, good friends who are partnering with the Kerleys in ministry at New Life Ranch.

• Pray for good health and safety for Jess & Anne.