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Baptisms in Portugal

December 4, 2017 Series: Missions Highlights

Up until this past Sunday, we had baptized five people in our church. Praise God, we doubled that number this week. Each of the five people that were baptized has a special story to tell. Here is a snapshot testimony of each one: 

Helena is a quiet and serious girl whose parents are Brazilian missionaries here in Portugal. Thus, she grew up hearing the gospel and was saved last year. She and her whole family are a blessing to us.

Luis is a twelve year old boy whose stepdad, Mario, was the first person ever baptized at our church. Pray for Luis, not just spiritually, but physically. He has a brain tumor that is growing rapidly and is proving very hard to treat. We are thankful that, whether in life or death, Jesus is his hope. Pray with us for God to heal Luis and to strengthen his family during this difficult time.

Patricia is an incredible story of God’s grace. Back in the summer of 2012, we had a mission team come, and they did a VBS in a park in right in front of Patricia’s apartment. She was there that very first day the message of the gospel was sung and proclaimed in that park, and she has been coming ever since. But now, she is the one leading those songs and helping do the Bible clubs. She is the first person in her family to be saved, so pray for the salvation of her parents, brother, and grandparents, all of whom were at church this past Sunday to see her baptism. We love seeing people saved who are the first ones in their families!

Denise is the first deaf person we have seen saved and baptized. Our co-worker, Amanda, has spent countless hours discipling and encouraging her new faith. This was a moment of celebration for all of us, and we pray for many more deaf to be saved and baptized in the years to come.

We’ve mentioned Paula several times in our letters. She was a practicing Catholic up until a year and a half ago. Two of her nieces (who are saved) were visiting her and suggested she begin attending our church. She has faithfully come ever since, and God has opened her eyes to the truth of the gospel. Pray for her faith to grow stronger and pray for the salvation of her husband and children.

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